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Copeland’s Redbone Coonhound Kennels and Training Facility – World Champion K9 Redbones.

Copeland’s Redbone Coonhound Kennel has NEW redbone coon hound puppies for sale today. However they are not pictured below, these little red bone pups are sold because our puppies go so FAST!! These little coonhound puppies have already been sold and have made it to their new homes.

While every red bone puppy we have for sale is unique, that Copeland’s Redhot genetics and our special Copeland’s redbone personalities are dominant. Our unique characteristics shine through every redbone coon hound pup we have for sale. We can’t put up pictures of every pup we have for sale before they sell because Copeland’s Redbone Coonhound puppies go REAL fast. So because of our redbone coonhound DNA your redbone coonhound pup will resemble these red bone puppies. We don’t want you disappointed, so for the NEWEST pictures of our coon hound pups visit our facebook page.

Copeland’s Redhot Kennels offering the cutest redbone coonhound puppies for sale.

We have seen so MANY happy faces. Isn’t it time we see yours?

Redbone Coonhound Kennels

Copeland’s Redhot Redbone Coonhound Kennels is in Screven Georgia. We offer top quality champion red bone coon hounds at stud, and redbone coonhound puppies for sale. Copeland’s Redhot Redbone Coonhound Kennels is the home of top quality historical redbone coonhound champions.

Champions like: Redhot Short Stop Red Hot Dusty the 2005 Outstanding Purina Redbone Champion, UKC NT CH CH ‘PR’ Copeland’s Redhot Clyde, Redhot Annie, and of course Deacon today. 

Clyde was a perfect example of a redbone coonhound
UKC NT CH CH ‘PR’ Copeland’s Redhot Clyde, a perfect example of a redbone coonhound

Redbone Coonhound Puppies for Sale

Our redbones are bred to make their families happy no matter what road they take them down. At Copeland’s Redhot Kennels we have reproduced over 3000 redbone hound pups that are in every walk of life from coonhunting, bear hunting, tracking mountain lions, hogs, deer hunting, several on the bomb squad, search and rescue, in squad cars and most of all family companions. Companionship is what we take to be the most special of all the genetics of the Redbone.

Redbone Coonhound Kennels

Each and every one of our litters are filled with pups that are very good natured and beautiful to look at.

And we would like to thank everyone who has shown such a great interest our Redhot Redbone coonhound pups.

3 redbone coonhound puppies
3 redbone coonhound puppies

Copeland’s Redbone Coonhound Kennels Will Ship   

Nite Champion Redbone Coonhounds For Sale Started Dogs For Sale We have some really nice young male started coonhounds for sale

We almost always have a started redbone coon dog or 2 for sale, in our kennel our champions make champions so you will never be sorry. Simply take a look at others who have bought pups and started dogs from Copelands Redhot Redbone Coonhound Kennel.

Older Pups and Started Dogs
Copeland’s Redhot Redbone Coonhound Kennels & Coonhound Coonhunting Training Facility. We offer top quality champion redbone coon hounds at stud and red bone coondogs for sale.
At this time we have some young started coondogs and coonhound pups.
We have a few finished coon dogs.
I have a really nice young male dog for sale
I have some really nice pups on the ground, call soon they go fast!
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