Copelands Redbone Coonhound History

Copelands Redbone Coonhound History – My love of coonhunting started when I was a little kid when my Uncle Wayman would take me with him.  I sure didn’t know this would become my Passion for the rest of my life – coonhunting with redbones.

I bought my 1st Red bone Coon hound the summer I graduated high school, I named her Copeland’s Red Bonnie. In spring I bred her to a redbone stud by the name of Dual Grand Champion Bakus Red Cassidy. Red Cassidy  was out of a coondog named Hayes Rambling Red Ace who made a mark in the  red bone breed as a reproducer of world champion redbones.

Later that year when Copeland’s Red Bonnie had her pups I took them to the Grand American in Orangeburg South Carolina to sell. I sold every pup, except this little runt that kept escaping out of our puppy pen in the big selling barn…

A Runt called Copelands Redhot Shortstop

As I recall people would bring that little pup back to me time after time. So, I loaded that little pup up after the event and brought him back home because no one wanted the runt of the litter. But that little runt blossomed. Little did they know that little guy would become the next World Champion Redbone Male and be inducted into the Redbone Hall of Fame named Copelands Shortstop.

This runt of a redbone coonhound pup would go on to win almost every state hunt & show in the country  thanks to Mr. And Mrs. Curtis Elburn of Purdue, Indiana and myself.

Redbone Hall of Fame

Then when Shortstop was inducted into the Redbone Hall of Fame it was the biggest honor in my life.  That confirmed to me that the rest of the Redbone Coonhound Breeders recognized that Shortstop had it all: looks, hunting ability, and that special redbone coonhound personality.

Champion Redbone Reproducing Bloodline

That is what our kennel is founded on – looks, hunting ability, and that special redbone coonhound personality. We have line bred our red bones since 1980 and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.  You don’t leave a Champion Redbone reproducing Bloodline. You just don’t do that; you invest in females with bloodlines that cross well with yours.

And that is what we have done over the past 41 years, and that is called history. So whether you buy a pup or a young redbone from Copeland’s red hot kennels or you buy your pup from someone else, make sure it’s from a Redbone breeder that’s been breeding redbones for at least 10 to 20 years, who has long bloodlines that have shown the test of time as they would say ….

Perfect Redbone Coonhound Confirmation

Being nominated and voted in by the Redbone Breeders Associations to serve on the board of directors for the Redbone Associations, helped my breeding. From that, I learned exactly how the redbone hound should look and the must have qualities to be the best overall redbone in the world. As a breeder, you must know the qualities that are needed to make that redbone pup as close as you can and reproduce for it to be perfect. We all know that there is not a perfect animal in the world. but you must keep striving as a breeder to get that redbone perfection or as close to that perfection as you can. You don’t just want looks but a friendly personality as well.

And that is what we as a Redbone Coonhound breeder have accomplished. We have bred our redbones the best as I can. Our dogs are bred to have a family friendly personality with their owner and to do whatever they want them to do.  I have a redbone that will go tree me a coon, ride in my truck, stay in the master bedroom, ride on the lawn mower with me cutting grass, and ride in the buggy with me on the farm, go to to with me and most of all protect me and my family from dangerous situations and keep any varmints run off the farm. He goes everywhere with me in a days’ time and then looks up at me when we go in at night as if to ask me if I am happy with the way she has been.

Redbone Coonhound in Life

Our redbones are bred to make their families happy no matter what road you choose to take them down. At Copeland’s Redhot Kennels we have reproduced over 3000 redbone hound pups that are in every walk of life from coonhunting, bear hunting, tracking mountain lions, hogs, deer hunting, several on the bomb squad, search and rescue, in squad cars and most of all family companions. Companionship is what we take to be the most special of all the genetics of the Redbone.

A Copelands Redhot Coonhound puppy for YOU!

So if you want a sample of the best that God (and man) has created on the face of this earth please give me a call at Copelands Redhot Kennels at 912-294-6814. Then you will own something that will make special memories that can last more than just a lifetime. And give a place to that which God has created for his pleasure in his kingdom called the Redbone Hound.

Thank you, Ronnie & Pam Copeland 912-294-6814
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