Deacon Redbone Champion Stud Dog

Deacon 2 Standing at Stud

 Son of NT CH GR CH ‘PR’ Tree Rizin’ Deacon Does It

Deacon Redbone coonhound breed standing at stud
Deacon Redbone Coonhound Breed
redbone coonhound dna profile

By Private Treaty Only
DNA-VIP 60% Fixed Traits! Throwing the TOTAL Package

                                  ‘PR’ Turpin’s Ks Thunder (Chief/Ace)
                             ‘PR’ Thomas’ Mo Bruise
                                   Burke’s Red Cricket (Chief/Ace)
                 GR NT CH GR CH AKC NT CH ‘PR’ Key’s Outlaw Razor Red
                                  GR NT CH ‘PR’ HursWith a 1st, 2nd & a 3rd in just over 1 month. Deacon finished to NT CH and Deacon’s current champions: CH ‘PR’ Tree Rizin’ Leather ‘N Lace (Lacey) (Deacon X Breeze) to the right is Timex (front) and Kit Kat (middle) they are 4 1/2 months old- both out of Deacon

Fixed Traits enough said.

Copeland’s Redhot Deacon runs, trees, split trees & does it right. He can be trusted with any puppy. Deacon is a pressure- tree dog & has a phenomenal mouth. You couldn’t ask for a louder big bawl mouth on track & intense chop on tree. Deacon has now hit the competition circuit in 2005.
t’s Honest Amos (Woodpecker/Ace)
                             ‘PR’ Marcum’s Red Kentucky Molly
                                   NT CH ‘PR’ Dean’s Little Red Ruby
      NT CH GR CH ‘PR’ Tree Rizin’ Deacon Does It
                                   NT CH ‘PR’ Thompson’s Hot Shot
                              GR NT CH GR CH ‘PR’ Lee’s Red Hot Dusty
                                  ‘PR’ Oconee River Brandy
                GR CH ‘PR’ Sidearm Lil’ Red Ridin’ Hood
                                   NT CH ‘PR’ Smith’s Cohay Cr Sam-Bo
                             ‘PR’ Sidearm Creek Bottom Risky
                                   Smith’s Cohay Creek Brandy (Rowdy & Hoff. Brandy)

Deacon made NT CH with a 1st, 2nd & a 3rd in 35 days! When it was time– it was time!

Deacon is also a beauty on the bench. He’s a show person’s dream. He stands nice and proud, beautiful and his big size is very impressive.

He a top notch coondog and will only get better with age. Maybe he will even fill ole granddad’s footsteps someday! We will begin pushing Deacon hard towards hisDeacon hard towards his NT CH title in 2005.

Deacon is DNA verified parentage and his DNA certificate shows 60% fixed traits. Not many dogs can boast that. Our hope is that those numbers will help Deacon to become a dog that can reproduce his likeness. We look forward to testing that theory in the coming months. Deacon is also off of UKC’s very first true dual sired litter where we crossed his mother to Razor and Ruger and got an even split from each sire.